28 Aug

The Sino-Pak relationship has bolstered over the last 50 years to a zenith never seen before. While reasons could be several, that is a socio-economic reality and India by and large needn’t be perturbed about it – provided India remain a State par excellence in its defense strategies. As a layman, I find India’s position weakest in comparison amongst the other two nations i.e. China and Pakistan respectively. Pakistan will never be a friend of India. That is a bona fide reality since the last 65 years. China has always been the aggressor and boldly so. India on the contrary has been the weakling in the absence of an affirmed strategy, concrete foreign policy and maintenance of inter-border relationships. There has always been a ‘give in’ approach when it comes to Pakistan first and China lately.

This is disturbing. While Pakistan exercises their intrusions into India at will, China exercises its might at leisure. Other than elicit a mooted pretension of ignorance, the eminent Foreign Minister was more particular about his attire than the construction activities that was progressing over the Brahmaputra river across the NE border. China has been a neighbor whom we don\’t pretend to hear much, bother to know much or deliberately ignore much. It is an attitude emanating out of a compulsion for acknowledging the supremacy of China over us. Nothing much, over the years, has been done to thwart Chinese aggression both by way of diplomacy or militarily. Our submission has been so pronounced that global maps are edited to feature preferences and subtle claims over demarcated borders in the North-East clearly favoring the Chinese. This is, I think, in spite of the repeatedly poignant alarms raised by the Indian Army to the political Babus pretending to govern our Nation. Thankfully, the recent decision to deploy our Nuke warheads along the NE border, strengthen both Army and Air Force and boost infrastructure at a rapid pace has been both significant and gratifying. If nothing, it still is a predominant deterrent for the Chinese to ponder, but not to prevent.


That we have lost out politically and diplomatically to both these enemy neighbors is needless to say. Sincerely wish that India reconsider and revisit its geo-strategic approach with both these countries at the earliest will save the nation of further harassment.


My perspective has been from a layman Indian from an Indian prospect more and less from the side of our neighbors.

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