28 Aug

So, the 13 day high energy drama concludes with an all is well that ends well screen dropping.  The satire included all that represented a Bollywood Movie. It had a iconic hero, a few friends of the hero, heroine(s) and adequate support staff.  Direction, Script, Music and Marketing was all an extravagant affair with all playing their role very well.  All visual media channels hyped their TRPs to its maximum.  Known and upcoming anchors scored multiple points of appreciation. Many were rebuked and reprimanded. Panelists appearing on the various talk shows hosted successively by the various channels opinionated exhaustively.  There was a virtual post mortem done by these panelists all the 13 days literally abounding in the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ of the eventuality.  That none of them proved remotely correct is beside the point.

Coming to the core of the blog subject which is the Anna movement itself reminds me of the last line from a famous quote by Shakespeare :  **full of fire and fury, signifying nothing!**.   A huge amount of apprehension entails the JLPB movement as such. The desire to and want of a JLPB is not only imperative but imminent.  The desperation more so since the Nation has been flung to a nook with vitriolic scams amounting to uncountable figures emerging by the minute, yet, no provision available in the current text of laws that could possibly bind them for the rest of their lives.  The Congress led Government, with diverse power centers, undertook to loot the Country with pomp and flair with total disdain of the Opposition Political Parties in general and the Voting Public in particular.  That a reprisal was brewing and awaiting to erupt at any given moment is needless to say.  That the conduit for this eruption came in the name of one Anna Hazare is a coincidence or a deliberate subterfuge is a point to moot.  While I don’t want to bifurcate my personal perception on the entire movement, especially when it has concluded at a juncture where tentative political amicability was eventually obtained, I do want to firmly mention that the entire logic of the movement dwells in skepticism and suspicion.

Congress once again proved to be the villain in the Drama.  Mishandled the entire issue would be to put it very mildly. Not only did they get to the crux of the problem, but also they never bothered to imbibe the sentiment of the people.   Their arrogance, with the confidence of numbers behind them, and with the several boot-licking political vagabonds supporting them for sustenance, thought it supreme to oppose and defy the sentiment of masses.  When Anna’s movement began with sufficient notice provided preceding the August 15th fast, the Congress led Government ignored it with their scornful insolence.  They did their best to ‘divide and rule’ the Anna group and to some extent they did achieve success by mitigating:-

1] the conniving Swami Agnivesh

2] distancing Justice Hegde

3] cajoling the obnoxious Aruna Roy to directly draft a LokPal Bill contradicting the Anna version

4]  inviting the maoist, Arundathi Roy to publicly speak against the Anna movement

5] procuring a written petition of non-compliance from the Christians collectively

6] provoking the Muslim community not to join the cause branding it a RSS / BJP combined movement

7] openly castigating Anna of corruption by stalwarts like Manish Tiwari, Sibal, Chidambaram

8] and as an anti-climax, a loathsome, execrable and puerile address to the LokSabha by the permanently imbecile Amulbaby  … etc.

What other nefarious conspiracies CON would have latched from behind closed doors is yet to come out in the open, however, they did succeed in their legacy of polarization to a very large extent.

BJP too dabbled with the subject for too long.  They wanted to gain political mileage but wanted it to come at the behest of Team Anna itself.  Though Arvind Kejriwal and Prashanth Bushan carried their ego to the wilt, Kiran Bedi was transparently exuberant in her pursuit to conclude the Movement with BJP’s support.  I would say, BJP’s ploy worked to their favor in the end but in the process they did take flak and stretched their chances wafer thin; a huge risk that fortunately did not damage their depreciating reputation greatly.

Most importantly the ‘Lessons Learned’ from this huge movement is that a scary precedent has been initiated whereby any civilian can instigate a anti-government movement thereby endangering the very ethos, the very fabric of parliamentary democracy.  It directly questions the supremacy of  the Constitution.  An agitation of this magnitude has resulted in more demerits than merits. An open threat by Team Anna has already been announced that in any eventuality, a similar movement will be ushered at will if it does not meet the parameters of compromise of a handful of people masquerading as the voice, brain, thought and sensibility of the 1.2 billion Indians. This is totally unacceptable.  Team Anna neither do have the fundamental right nor the terminal endorsement of being the representatives of the 1.2 billion Indians on Issues that perhaps might be bothersome to them but not to a large extent of the others whom they assume to represent.  This movement itself would have generated an overall 20% following, which when translated into votes, would shamefully represent 4 seats in Parliament!  If they get carried away with the success [if it is to them  – to me it is more a quid pro quo] of this Movement and tend to repeat the show, they would be surprised at what they would get confronted with.

Indians must take serious time and ponder on the Anna Movement.  It is undoubtedly anti-establishment and akin to anarchy.  We are not a autocratic country like the Middle East or other East European states wherein such rebellion was imminent to overthrow their theocratic rulers.  India is an elected democracy and we, the people, the voters are sponsors of electing those representatives whom we deem qualified to represent us for our causes.  If and when they falter, we have the right to show them the door by ballot.  That is is the correct way to address non-productive rule and not rebellion, be in Gandhian or otherwise.  I hope better sense prevails amongst us Indians for upholding Democracy in its homogeneous sanctity!   JAI HIND.


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