27 Aug

The the various comments augmenting your sentiment is proof enough of the sentiments prevalent not just on Dr. Swamy’s subject but as a dejected Hindu on the whole.

It is plain truth that both Islam and Christianity in India owes itself to the direct ‘conversion’ that took places over the centuries, mostly out of compulsion, some out of desire. Regardless, to ignore one’s forefathers, deny their respectful ancestry and latch on to a ignominious claim of “divine origin”, in India, is not just sufficient reason for smirking but detestable. It is a fact that there is not a SINGLE Muslim or Christian, in INDIA, who can claim roots more to their divine origin than thanks to the valuable sperm of a kind Hindu. That they opt to live in this preposterous lie is a different matter all together. They belong to monolithic, man made, iconoclastic religions having all the vagaries and fantasies human beings have. They can not be a distant mile closer to the humble philosophies Hinduism imparts through Santana Dharma, nor can they comprehend, because their dogma is not revealed, but rigid. Over centuries they have begun to bring in the word ‘revealed’ to camouflage the sordid contents of their ‘holy book’ which only perpetrates violence as the only option for survival and degrades women to just a child bearing machine.

Dr. Swamy is not just right, he is a thousand fold right. There was nothing degrading, blasphemous, inciting, provoking or demeaning in his letter addressed to the Muslims of India. All he stated was facts and a suggestion to improve the fundamentals of a united India from its current parochial polarized form of existence. He just amplified the sentiment of ‘Nation first’, a sentiment lacking in these two dogmas – sadly. Some of his pivotal points highlighted a measure of positivity as to how easily the Nation at large could circumvent this polarization. So what is wrong in that? Why even read it as a threatening and cacophonous unless some elements within want to project it as such and score mileage?

And this is exactly what has happened in Dr. Swamy’s instance too. Nothing more than this can be expected of a religion that cries foul & fatwa at anything that ‘THEY’ feel insinuating because of its insular outlook. This is abundantly utilized to its maximum by those political parties that amplify such issues in the name of petty vote bank politics. In fact, it is the defiance of established authority, religious and secular, social and political, as a world-wide phenomenon that assists provocation of otherwise ignorable candidness of Dr. Swamy.

And to sum up, what is secular? There is nothing near to what secular means in its right context in comparison to what is present INDIA. It has become a word for the several illiterate MPs like Yadavs, Paswans, Diggys, Rauls et al to use at will and desire without even knowing an iota of its meaning. You ask them – I bet – the answer will be Hindu / Muslim Unity.

The root cause for violent disharmony around the world in general and India in particular has been the rigidity of minority religions, their exclusion from society, their barbaric beliefs outrageously obsolete and not pertinent to the present day world and their fanaticism. In India, Minorities, especially Muslims, are spoon fed and blessed with behemothic privileges granted in the name of vote bank politics predominantly by the Congress Party at the Center and several regional parties at the State level. A mere 18% has eroded into the cultural, social and religious fabric of our Nation and managed to alter the balance. Hindus, by and large due to their disunity, has catered to this erosion. Politics has played a vast part too in erosion.

Under this context, one Dr.Swamy is a Saint and Savior of not only the religion but also the Nation!

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