25 Aug

The NDTV scoop on the illegitimacy and secrecy shrouding the 2G deal was brought out with emphatic detail. Subsequent loss in dazzling amounts to the Union Govt was also highlighted. The IPLGate controversy would pale into oblivion in comparison to the 2GGate. Was there any action? Congress’ honesty, if any, is only in its pursuit for floor numbers. They can embrace or discard its allies with disdain depending upon their need. The surreal propensity of Congress towards JMM indicates that they might succumb to Opposition pressure on Rajaa and in the event of any drastic eventuality by DMK, stand safe with JMM numbers.

It is a foregone conclusion that Congress in its selfish interest would do nothing to hamper its relationship with its Allies. Hence, any misdemeanor from its partners would, as is the case here, be received with muted sneer. That Raja is immersed in corruption goes without saying. DMK very well knows that, hence Karunanidhi’s statement playing the parochial SC/ST card shamelessly. As is the case with NCP’s IPL involvement, DMK too will get the olive flag from Congress irrespective of the divided Opposition House’s noise making. Will be another few days of tamasha before jumping on to another subject of media promulgated interest.

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