25 Aug

To even assume that three years down the line our fabulous Congress Bureau of Investigation has with their ignoble reputation and intent, stumbled upon fresh evidence revealing a ‘Hindu radical’ group is not only preposterous but in its height of stupidity! That they will have to regret this transgression at a later date, after more terror and innocent deaths at the hands of the LET, Hujji, Simi etc. whom they have let off the hook now is just waiting across the corner.  Worldwide, it has been a large section of the Muslims that have carried out drastic acts of violence and terror on innocent civilians.  Hence, it is only a natural consequence rather an a purported intent in picking suspected Muslims. Hindus are and will never be terrorists either by faith or by any misinterpreted ideology. India is a Hindu Rashtra nevertheless all faiths strive to live in equality, liberty and absolutely freedom under the flagpole of the Indian Flag and the Constitution of India.  Anti-national elements have always emerged only from the Muslims and hence, to decry them from wrong doing and anti national activities would be furiously foolish.

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