22 Aug

My skepticism with the Anna Hazare movement only increases by the day. There seems to be a sort of restless discomfort inherently hiding somewhere within the whole movement which the masses are missing out on and only the leaders are aware of. I may be too suspicious of the issue but my lingering intuition tells me that there is more to a conspiracy behind this movement that what we, the general public who stand to support it have understood. I cannot voice it here for fear of isolation however, I will adopt a wait and watch before succumbing to the Anna Hazare movement.

Further, the precedent being set out here is very dangerous. It ridicules and downsizes the importance and sanctity of Parliament. If there is disagreement with the functioning of the Parliament, that should be addressed in the same manner in which the Parliament has been instituted and that is by Ballot. By adopting to such civil strife, a must in this instance of corruption I agree, there must be an intention of compromise for discussion. If obstinacy rules over sentiments, the purpose and intent of the movement gets lost in focus. Right now both the parties are submerged with obstinate intentions not willing to settle down to a mid point where matters could be discussed. That sort of an attitude is not appropriate for any civil strife. Public strength should be exhibited; thereafter which negotiations should take place. By attaching to uncompromising rigidity they are diluting the essence of its value.

Again, the danger looming behind this movement is the habitual frequency it might end up with each and every discord public has with the Government. For example, Anna Hazare in his speech the other day was voluble in proclaiming that this is not the end to further issues he intends to take up after resolving corruption. He intends to take up the Farmer’s Land Grab issue soon after this. It is an open threat to the existence of an elected body. It will bring in chaos and anarchy. A dangerous precedent!

Anna Hazare cannot move this JLPB forward without the support of a political party. No civil representation can proceed beyond a certain perimeter without the backing political parties. Anna Hazare has openly rebuked and refused the support of BJP. Which other political party can provide him with the numbers required to force the Government to a corner? His movement cannot sustain a lengthy time period. If the Government so chooses to play it with time, there will be drastic reduction in the now well nourished size of the movement. After all everyone has their personal priorities and families to take care of and unlike Anna Hazare, Bhushans, Kejriwals, Bedis etc, who are all retired people, the people on the street, now backing them, cannot sustain a lengthy process of agitation sacrificing job and family. There will be dilution. It would be prudent of Anna Hazare not to let that happen and begin talks with the Government without being obstinate.

I will conclude by quoting my FaceBook comments here:

Concerns far exceed the intent of purpose of Anna Movement.
1) it is becoming an obvious deterrence to the more important Scams that are wriggling like worms out of a can;
2) it is becoming an obstinate fight between an elected machinery and an unelected group of self rightists;
3) it is losing its intent by not opting for a political backing without which no civil movement will find its way to the desk of the Parliament;
4) Definite distraction from other core issues requiring abject attention of the common man including corruption and … on and so forth.

In this time and era there is nothing like indefinite ‘strike’, ‘fast’, ‘protest’ etc. One has to submit to a midway compromise and proceed to extend the issue further from there on unlike the stale mate being handed out here.

Hope better sense prevails amongst all participants, especially the so called followers of Anna, and they begin to realize that this could perhaps also be a deliberate distraction from other core and burning issues that could rattle the Congress led government.

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