22 Aug

Have a brief look at our internal security preparedness post 26/11 days.

1) There is no dedicated communication network for national emergency. The CM himself took 15 vital minutes before he could reach Police Commissioner.

2) The RD Pradhan committee report post 26/11 to strengthen the Police Force has been caught either in red tape or with a stoned silly RR Patil.

3) The Maharashtra Govt could not find an adequate building to accommodate Rapid Action Force of the NSG in terms of crisis when buildings were mushrooming in every ditch of Mumbai.

4) The NSG is equipped with arms and armaments totally inferior to what any rabid isolationist possess.

5) The Bullet Proof vests again languish the corridors of red tape.

6) The helmets worn by the NSGs are at least 25 years older than current times.

7) The absence of an effective National Disaster Management.

8) The lack of Medical Preparedness in an emergency.

These are but a very few handful of our incapability, inefficiencies, inadequacies that stare at us in any given disaster situation.

When will we learn?

To quote William Penn, he said:- “Right is right, even if everyone is against it; and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is for it”. But here we have a scenario where in spite of the diabolic events unfolding under their very nose and amidst the causalities lying scattered all around, the Establishment comes out with dispassionate and acrimonious claims of ignorance! And, to augment the plight, they further come out drooling with incompetent reasoning’s worthy of guffaw had it been any other occasion. Further nailing the lid of the coffin is the General Secretary of Congress Party, Diggy the Piggy (I cannot address him anytime better) with his usual delirious rhetoric at Hindus!

Pakistan has gone a distant mile in terms of anticipated terror. It is the terror elements happily residing within our country with the caress of the very Establishment that is supposed to hunt them and the vociferate rants of the likes of Diggy the Piggy that has become more threatening to the existence of the Nation now. Pakistan has always been a spot of bother. But these elements have become enemies of the state and country at large.

Is there recourse from this sad plight; not under the current impudent Establishment!

A very perturbing outline of disturbing events at large

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