21 Aug

Reservation is a glaring issue that will in the near future hold the nation to ransom if not delegated rationally.

Let me plainly put my personal perspective on the issue. I REJECT the concept of RESERVATION. I will, but, certainly endorse it for the physically challenged group. They can be categorized depending upon the extent of physical challenge they are subjugated with and reasonable reservations proffered accordingly.

Larger issue is but extending RESERVATION to the vast majority of the minorities. There is a blanket RESERVATION of 50% thereabout for Minorities and remaining divided among the different caste segments falling amongst Hindus and some others. The categorization of these groups is not only laughable, but pathetic. Have a look at the breakdown :-
MU – Muslims
OBX – other backward Christians????
OBH – other backward Hindus
OBC – other backward Communities
LC – Latin Christians
EZ – Ezhavas
SC – Schedule Caste
ST – Schedule Tribe
Other backward Christians? Latin Christians? Astonishing!!!! Anyway…..

There may be plenty more that I am not aware of. What is this if not breach and dissection of the social and cultural fabric of India? This is social stigma personified and inculcated into the mainstream mindset of a robust young generation thereby polarizing the basic behavior of the emerging populace.

Why should there be a 50% RESERVATION for Muslims? Are they so deprived or bereft of livelihood in India. There are more impecunious Hindus than other religions, if one wants to go by the religious parameter, to envisage or measure the extent of poverty. Nay, this is an abnormal legislation brought into our constitution by imprudent intellects vying the vote bank alone.

I agree , we must protect those societies that are becoming extinct, those that are below BPL, those that are manipulated so on and so forth, but with a time frame of perhaps say 50 years or less. And it should firmly stop there.

Beyond that, to encourage RESERVATION is the most sinister of crimes. I am an OBC and studied using the favors contained therein. But, I have seen the pain of those high achievers, by virtue of being Higher Caste Hindus, await their turn for admissions to colleges “after us”! Isn’t it ludicrous? No doubt I have enjoyed its advantages but now I look back upon in regret and shame. I wonder what would have happened to some of those who did not succeed in getting an admission? It is more painful when on a hypothetical average, 3 high caste Hindus scrape through, 5-7 amongst the other categories walk through and ridiculously 15-20 of the Muslims dance through the discriminatingly segregated lines of admissions!

RESERVATION is EVIL. Period. Though many intellects have brought out some wonderful suggestions that can be pondered, by and large it does leave a devil’s share of anguish and twinge amongst those deserving.  Provide all that is needful for sustenance to the Poor and Impoverished except RESERVATION.


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  1. Kunal agrawal

    December 3, 2013 at 10:51 am

    In my opinion resavation should be but, on economic condition not based on caste

  2. Pankaj Mishra

    September 16, 2015 at 7:05 pm

    according to me, reservation should be based on individual abilities& not on their religion, caste or community.

  3. rejinpaul

    July 7, 2017 at 5:58 am

    stop targeting muslims

    • kpp1991

      December 27, 2017 at 12:36 pm

      There’s no point pretending to be an ostrich when ground reality speaks otherwise.


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