21 Aug

The marriage between politics and religion has thrown open avenues that can be adopted to suit individual traits. While monolothic religions like Islam and Christianity are largely dogmatic and rigid in principle and teachings, Hindus have easily amalgamated into this alliance. However, this ease has brokered a fundamental twist amongst the Hindu beliefs thereby creating a confusion between politics and religion, sometimes wedded, at times divorced. Since there has been no authoritarian governance monitoring this alienation, Hindus have drifted away to a rather comfy zone of religious ignorance. Islam and Christianity, being brilliant business houses themselves, effectively avoided this wedding between politics and religion and drove in a faith obnoxiously rigid and fearsome. Fridays and Sundays were dedicated days for religious practices and adhered to with diligence by a fearful community.

Ignorance may be bliss, but not quite when you don’t have any religious identity. This identity draws the parameters of success versus failure to a large extent. Hinduism has successfully created enough confusion in the minds of the followers of alien faiths who have chanced to come across them earlier and who rule over it now. They have, through their able management, endeavored to create enough conflict and confusion among the Hindus. Discovering this ignorance and dispelling it should automatically lead to clearing the confusions and resolving the inherent conflicts.

Belief in God has sustained mankind for millennia. Faith and adoration of gods and goddesses has fulfilled a practical necessity in the lives of millions of the ordinary Hindus. It would be naive to even suggest that the Hindus did not or could not conceive one God, the Supreme.

As Lord Krsna says in the Bhagavad Gita (4.11; 7.21) the HE, the Supreme Lord, will respond to the devotees in whichever form they worship HIM and in whichever way they approach HIM.

This is the philosophical basis for this polytheism , that which is being pursued by BJP and RSS equally. I reckon @Incognito brings out the best observations/arguments/debates in this context.

Hope my views don’t contradict the essence of the subject.

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