Bharat’s Dilemma with CON / UPA2

19 May

This subject borders on a criticality never before felt honestly giving me the creeps. It is unimaginable that a Union Govt sits aplomb with least bit of concern of what is and could happen in our borders on one side and internally on the other side. They have chosen to predominantly highlight, with all the affection and assistance of the diminutive Media, Raul Babas gimmicks, Sonia Gandhi’s royalty, Congress’s legacy, Muslim’s eternal suffering,Kashmir’s dilemma, Saffron Terror so on and so forth. The Country is on the brink of external incursion, internal chaos, Islamic terror out in the open, mammoth scams and shameful scandals aplenty and yet Union Govt is obsequious ipso facto! The quote “Nero is dancing when Rome is burning” would be the apt oxymoron to credit UPA2 with.

The scenario is chilling. I feel a utter sense of helplessness in not being able to do anything at all other than but write in tweets or otherwise.

And hastening our frustration is the casual approach of BJP, the principle opposition party. Here lies an opportunity being granted by UPA2 on a platter and till date BJP has essentially failed to capitalize on it. Therefore, in the absence of a strong opposition, a partisan mainstream media and a hugely divided Hindu community, yes, the sanctified fabric of this country, our country is being gradually destroyed.

I pray too that all our Nationalist brethren wake up sooner than later and join hands to liberate ourselves and our Country from these anti-national, anti-hindu elements.

Jai Hind….Vande Mataram!

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